Flaru Coin

Welcome to Flaru Coin, the cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize the decentralized web. Flaru Coin is brought to you by the team behind Flaru.com, the innovative search engine that puts privacy and user experience at the forefront.

Key Features

Secure and Fast Transactions

Flaru Coin leverages the power of the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC20 standard to provide secure and lightning-fast transactions. Say goodbye to lengthy payment processes and welcome a new era of seamless transactions within the decentralized web ecosystem.

Store of Wealth

Flaru Coin is not just a means of transaction, but also a store of wealth. Designed to reward early adopters and long-term holders, Flaru Coin offers the potential for value appreciation, making it an attractive investment opportunity within the decentralized web space.

Open Source

Flaru Coin is released under the MIT license, promoting openness and freedom of usage. With this benefit the token can be freely adopted and utilized by individuals, businesses, and developers. This will foster widespread adoption and innovation.

Integration with Metamask

Flaru Coin seamlessly integrates with Metamask, one of the most popular Ethereum wallets and browser extensions. This connection allows you to securely manage your Flaru Coin holdings, interact with decentralized applications, and initiate transactions directly from your browser.


Enhanced Privacy and Security

With Flaru Coin, you regain control over your personal data and financial transactions. By leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, this crypto currency offers enhanced privacy and security, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected.

Empowering the Decentralized Web

Flaru Coin plays a vital role in empowering the decentralized web ecosystem. By providing a means of secure transactions and store of wealth, it fuels the growth of decentralized applications, enables financial inclusion, and allows for new possibilities within the digital economy.

Improved User Experience

With Flaru Coin, users can enjoy a user-friendly experience within the decentralized web. Say goodbye to cumbersome payment processes and invasive advertisements. Flaru Coin aims to remove distractions from the internet, starting with the Flaru search engine.

Join the Flaru Coin Community

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey towards a decentralized future? Join the Flaru Coin community today and be a part of the growing movement to reshape the way we transact, store wealth, and interact with the decentralized web.

Explore our website to learn more about the features, use cases, and roadmap of Flaru Coin. If you have any questions, partnership inquiries, or would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact information provided.


Launch flaru coin contract to ethereum blockchain

Verify security code scan with go plus labs

Fund pre release liquidity pool trading pair

Establish coin.flaru.com website

Publish white paper

Develop authentication connection with MetaMask wallet

Develop check for flaru coin holdings in user wallets

Develop back end for secure anonymous encrypted sessions

Establish membership system, requiring holding flaru coin in an account

Develop system of privileges for members, incentivizing the holding of flaru coin

Develop admin mode for members, allowing searches within banned websites

Develop advertisement block for members

Integrate decentralized app authentication and membership system into the flaru search engine

Develop and launch secure messaging system, with true end to end encryption, requiring flaru membership

Integrate payment system into encrypted messenger, allowing tokens to be sent between users

Distribute flaru coin to ground personnel in Eurasia to allow messenger usage

Publish open source code to github

[alpha] Initial public coin offering

[beta] Initial public coin offering

[gamma] Initial public coin offering

[delta] Initial public coin offering

List flaru coin on coin market cap

Clone major web services, offer them on flaru requiring holding flaru coin to use them

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