Exchange Flaru for other tokens on the decentralized finance system.

Step 1: Get The MetaMask Browser Extension Wallet

Download and install MetaMask.


Write your Ethereum seed key words on paper. Alternatively store them in an open source spreadsheet encrypted with a passphrase. Don't store keys in plan text on a computer. They can be used to restore your wallet.

Desktop users with Flaru Coin in their account get access to the Flaru universe including unrestricted searching.

Membership Holding Amount: 10

Step 2: Get Ethereum

You will need Ethereum tokens to trade for Flaru Coin.

Ethereum can be obtained in crypto currency exchanges.


Once the Ethereum has been purchased, send it to your MetaMask wallet address.

Step 3: Trade Ethereum for Flaru Coin

contract id:

Add the contract ID directly to MetaMask.


Next, swap your Ethereum for Flaru Coin in the MetaMask interface.


Log into member mode by authenticating.

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