Maximum Supply

Flaru Coin has a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens. Each coin may be be divided to 18 decimals, ensuring that it may be used as a medium of exchange into the future.

Deflationary Currency

The fixed supply number contributes to potential value appreciation over time. New coins cannot be minted, and as attrition occurs naturally the remaining coins will be worth more due to increased scarcity.

Token Distribution

The distribution of Flaru Coin is designed to ensure broad accessibility and liquidity within the decentralized web ecosystem. Here's the breakdown of the token distribution:

Exchange listings

Most of the supply is used to ensure sufficient capacity for trading and facilitating secure transactions within the Flaru Coin ecosystem. This will involve a combination of options including initial coin offerings, market place listings, and decentralized exchange pools.

Held in Trust

The remaining supply is held in trust by the Flaru Foundation. These tokens are dedicated to ensuring ongoing liquidity provision, supporting future exchange listings, and fostering the growth of the Flaru Coin ecosystem.


Flaru Coin is administered by the dedicated team behind Flaru Search Engine. The group is responsible for making strategic decisions, overseeing the token's development, and ensuring the project's long-term success. While the governance primarily resides with Flaru staff, community feedback and input play a crucial role in shaping the token's future. Regular communication channels, such as community forums and feedback mechanisms, allow stakeholders to voice their opinions and contribute to the decision-making process. This inclusive governance approach ensures transparency, accountability, and alignment with the interests of the FlaruCoin community.

Utility and Functions

Flaru Coin serves multiple functions within the decentralized web ecosystem. Here are the primary utilities and functions of Flaru Coin:

Secure Transactions

Flaru Coin enables secure and efficient transactions within decentralized web applications. By utilizing Flaru Coin, users can seamlessly transact and transfer value within the Flaru ecosystem, ensuring privacy and reliability.

Store of Wealth

Flaru Coin is designed to be a store of wealth, offering potential value appreciation over time. Early adopters and long-term holders of Flaru Coin may benefit from its increasing demand and adoption within the decentralized web space.

Token Utility Expansion

Flaru Coin's utility is not limited to its primary functions. As the Flaru ecosystem evolves, additional utilities and functionalities may be introduced to enhance the overall user experience and promote wider adoption of the token.

Decentralized web apps will be developed and tested on flaru.com as a means to crowd-source advertising, as described in phase 2 of the roadmap. They will be provided to the world via open source licensing. This will further increase demand for flaru coin and other cryptocurrencies.

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