Launch flaru coin contract to ethereum blockchain

Verify security code scan with go plus labs

Fund pre release liquidity pool trading pair

Establish coin.flaru.com website

Publish white paper

Develop authentication connection with MetaMask wallet

Develop check for flaru coin holdings in user wallets

Develop back end for secure anonymous encrypted sessions

Establish membership system, requiring holding flaru coin in an account

Develop system of privileges for members, incentivizing the holding of flaru coin

Develop admin mode for members, allowing searches within banned websites

Develop advertisement block for members

Integrate decentralized app authentication and membership system into the flaru search engine

Develop and launch secure messaging system, with true end to end encryption, requiring flaru membership

Integrate payment system into encrypted messenger, allowing tokens to be sent between users

Publish open source code to github

[alpha] Initial public coin offering

[beta] Initial public coin offering

[gamma] Initial public coin offering

[delta] Initial public coin offering

List flaru coin on coin market cap

Clone major web services, offer them on flaru requiring holding flaru coin to use them

Phase 1: Building a Solid Foundation

Distribute Flaru Coin

During the first phase, our primary focus is on the widespread distribution of Flaru Coin. We aim to ensure broad accessibility and availability of the token, allowing users to participate in the decentralized web ecosystem and benefit from its utility and potential value appreciation. This can include airdrops and initial coin offerings to cultivate interest.

Listing on Exchanges

We will actively pursue listings on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, making Flaru Coin easily tradable and accessible to a wider audience. By this action, we aim to enhance liquidity and provide users with various options for buying, selling, and trading Flaru Coin.

Phase 2: Empowering Decentralized Web Applications

Decentralized Applications for Web Commerce

In the phase, we focus on developing and integrating Flaru Coin into decentralized applications (DApps) that facilitate web commerce. By leveraging the power of the Metamask wallet and other means, users will be able to transact securely and seamlessly within DApps, revolutionizing the way online commerce is conducted.

Liquidity Management

The Flaru Foundation will closely monitor pools and utilize resources obtained from the initial coin listing to help stabilize the liquidity. Our focus is on ensuring our stakeholders retain value and facilitating the success of this means of exchange.

Phase 3: Achieving Widespread Adoption

Strategic Partnerships and Integrations

In the third phase, we will focus on forging strategic partnerships and collaborations with key players in the decentralized web ecosystem. By integrating Flaru Coin into existing platforms, applications, and services, we aim to drive widespread adoption and create a thriving ecosystem where Flaru Coin becomes a standard utility token.

Community Expansion and Education

We believe in the power of an engaged and knowledgeable community. In the third year, we will actively expand our community, fostering discussions, educational initiatives, and awareness campaigns to promote the benefits and potential of Flaru Coin. By empowering individuals with knowledge, we aim to drive adoption and further the growth of the decentralized web.

Beyond the Roadmap: Innovation and Expansion

Beyond the outlined roadmap, Flaru Coin remains committed to continuous innovation, staying at the forefront of advancements within the decentralized web space. We will actively monitor emerging technologies, such as Ethereum 2.0 upgrades, interoperability solutions, and advancements in privacy and security, to enhance Flaru Coin's functionalities and the overall user experience.

We envision a future where Flaru Coin plays a significant role in shaping the decentralized web, empowering individuals and businesses with secure transactions, privacy, and control over their digital lives. Our roadmap serves as a guiding framework, but we remain adaptable and open to new opportunities, always striving to deliver value to our community.

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